Clowns in the Sky volunteers

Clowns in the Sky volunteers

lynnI am pleased to announce that Clowns in the Sky have now exceeded our target of 10 officially registered volunteers and I’d like to offer a warm welcome to you all. Our little teams are beginning to grow and support the services we offer to the various Hospitals around the UK.

I look forward to updating this blog with all your fundraising activities, especially as we have just entered the second stage of our Activity Trolley Project funded by;

March 2011 will see ten our of new Sensory Trolley’s delivered to stand alongside our existing Activity Trolleys on the Hospital Wards in the south and the later part of 2011 will see another 10 delivered to our Hospitals in the North.

These Sensory Trolleys are packed with items to offer stimulation through, sound, light & texture and will enhance the many craft activities in our existing trolleys. Now more than ever we will need to have a successful fundraising year during 2011 and our volunteers will be fundamental in achieving this, I am confident they are up to the task. Please keep an eye on our events page to see what 2011 brings.