Colourthon 2012

2012 Southend Colourthon

Clowns in the sky are one of the 79 charities that will be benefiting from the 2012 Southend Colourthon – three events on the same day.

Well another wet Saturday in July sure the start of the 2012 Colourthon at Southend.

What a fabulous event this was, having never been before I wasn’t sure what to expect and was really impressed with the organisation of the event. The walkers were really taken care of and the supporting charities were welcomed and given plenty of space and easy access to set up.

Our daytime walkers, Sarah, Maddy, Donna & Niall had the benefit of the sunshine as they walked round the rose gardens, well done to the combined efforts of raising £157 to date.

Our evening walkers, Lisa, Charlotte & Chris unfortunately felt the heavy rain drops that fell on them, but their smiles were our sunshine along with the lovely hand made Clowns cup cakes what lovely ladies from Motorbility Operations and they have so far raised £709 which is looking like being match funded from Motorbility Operations bringing an event total of £1575.00 fantastic.
I’ll let the photos below tell the wonderful story of the event.

Looking forward to next year with a bigger  team – think the mini bus will be needed, a fabulous event really worth the day out.

Colourthon 2012 Colourthon 2012 Colourthon 2012 Colourthon 2012 Colourthon 2012 Colourthon 2012