Christmas smiles from Clowns in the Sky

Christmas smiles from Clowns in the Sky

Christmas 2019 Smiles from Clowns in the Sky

Christmas in Hospital is never easy for anyone, but especially for children and especially for children who find themselves on an oncology ward. Clowns in the Sky have many aims, but our main one is “to bring a smile to the face of a child in Hospital”.

When our little girl was in Hospital for many months during her treatment, uppermost in our minds was, lets help her to smile. We achieved this in many ways, so that even in the darkest moments, somehow her little face managed a smile.

One of the things the Jennifer always enjoyed was craft activity, sadly she was often too poorly to visit the playroom, so Richard and I created a mobile playroom ! we didn’t know at the time but this was the beginning of Clowns in the Sky.

We created a large box on wheels that could travel to whichever hospital we found ourselves in, her box of goodies, included, glitter ( a Nurses nightmare, but a Childs delight), glue, crayons, stickers, stickers, stickers and more stickers, paints, play doh, games, puzzles, and lots more bits and bobs to help pass the time.

This magical box was there for Jennifer whenever she needed it, day or night. All to soon other parents were asking to share this magical box for their child, if its 3am and your child wants to paint a picture, the play room is closed, you don’t want to say no to your child so what do you do…….. in comes Jennifers magical box on wheels……… and so you see the birth of Clowns in the Sky took place without our knowing it.

Since Jennifer passed away in 2004, Clowns in the Sky have placed over 70 Trolleys in Hospitals  throughout the UK, covering 40 different Hospitals. These trolleys have four wheels, three deep drawers and are full of craft activity’s and sensory items for all ages.

December 2019 will see our third refill of 2019 (we refill all the trolleys three times a year), over 70  5 kilo bags go out via courier to all the locations we support, just in time to bring those smiles in the darkest of places.

Thank you to all our supporters that keep bringing in the funds, whoever it be by sponsored events, quiz nights, collecting boxes, and of course attending our Winter Ball, your efforts help us achieve this year on year, I know our little princess will be smiling down on all those children who will be playing and creating memories………..