Richard and Pete run for Clowns

Richard and Pete run for Clowns

Richard and Pete ran the London Marathon in April for Clowns and managed to bring into the pot a combined total of £1,476.00 well done guys.

I know they found raising sponsorship this year harder than usual, I guess we are all feeling the “credit crunch” so a special thank you goes to all of you who sponsor them.

This was Pete’s first marathon (hopefully not his last), he may look like a big cuddly bear but he must have some steel inside to complete the course. The day was long & very wet and I know they were both exhausted at the end.

Richard’s need for a rest at Green Park tube station resulted in him being issued with a “stop & Search” ticket, yes that really did happen.

Let wish them well for next year and hope their training which will begin in October with London’s first ever half marathon goes well.

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