Ruth Rhodes Marathon story for Clowns in the Sky

On Sunday 13th April 2014 Ruth Rhodes ran the London Marathon for Clowns in the Sky, this was Ruth’s first marathon, the weather was beautiful, if a little too hot for the runners. We managed to catch up with Ruth at the 20 mile mark, our hearts totally went out to her, she looked absolutely washed out, and despite all the hard training she had put in months before, on race day things just didn’t go her way.­ During the race she was physically sick three times but bless her she carried on and completed her first marathon in 4.56hrs a fantastic effort under the circumstances and a tribute to her training and determination of spirit.
In Ruth’s words:
“Despite putting in the effort with the training, I found Marathon day pretty tough, mainly due to the hot weather. However, it was an absolutely fantastic experience to join all those runners raising money for so many good causes and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to run for Clowns in the Sky. Crossing the finishing line was an almighty relief but definitely not my last Marathon”.

Ruth has managed to raise £1,468.00 in sponsorship which will be matched funded by her employer’s, giving Clowns in the Sky a total of £2,936.00
Thank you Ruth, your sweat, tears and other bodily fluids !!! have helped brings thousands of smiles to children in Hospital.