Richards Triathlon journey week two

Hi guys,

Saturday 31.07.10

Well the suit had it’s first outing today, I joined my safety assessment group with instructor and discovered that no amount of running & cycling helps when it comes to swimming. If it’s possible to say I was left standing still in the water then that’s what happened.

After struggling into the suit I then struggled in the water, my chest decided it was going in close up on me and the end result was that the group swam off and I followed “bringing up the rear with the ducks”.  Doris, who had come along to support me on my first outing said it was the first time she had seen me come last in any sport and that I reminded her of one of those wind up toys you put in the bath, thanks for the support Doris, who by the way seemed too busy eyeing up the “eye candy” to notice me.

However I didn’t give up, so when the rest of  our group had finished got out and gone home I was still in the lake, determined to make it to the boat and back all of 120 yards. Why is it I can run a marathon, cycle London to Brighton, but can’t swim for toffee !!!

things can only get better…

Sunday 01.08.10
A new month, new day and my second dip in the lake. Still feels like I’m swimming like a redland house brick but I persevered and although it would be fair to say my swimming ability is zero, I will improve, I will train harder, I will meet triathlon standards as I know what all those children with brain tumours go through each day and my little struggle is nothing compared to their battle.

So thanks for tuning in on my blog look out for my weekly updates and stay with me on my journey, especially as I will be calling on you for your pennies next year.

One tired but glad to have started