Welcome to Clowns in the Sky                                    

Clowns in the Sky is a registered uk charity - 1105195 - dedicated to the research and treatment of childhood brain tumours and to the welfare of affected children and their families. One in four children diagnosed with cancer, suffer from brain cancer. It is the second most common childhood cancer.

Brain tumours take an enormous toll even on those who survive them as the treatment can be very stressful. The child may have to cope with high doses of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. This often involves long hospital stays which are difficult for everyone, more so for children. Please help us to bring a smile to the face of a sick child and their family. We hope the little things we do, make the bigger things easier to cope with.

We launched a new five year project of mobile activity & sensory trolleys that was funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund. In 2013 Clowns in the Sky took on the financial support of this project from their own funds. These trolleys are designed to offer stimulation and fun activities during the times that the craft activities are not available in the playrooms during the evenings and weekends especially.  We have placed these trolleys on children’s oncology units in hospitals in many parts of the country. We currently supply 46 Wards in 32 Hospitals and would very much like to increase this year on year.

If you would like to sponsor an activity trolley for a children's cancer ward, perhaps in a hospital in your area, we would welcome this. The annual cost per trolley is approx £750.00

Please click on Activity Trolley button for more details.

We sponsor children’s entertainers at nine Hospitals accross the UK. These monthly, two hour visits help to bring laughter and distraction to both the children and their parents.  This has been hugely successful and we have had 100% positive feedback from the play therapists and staff.  We hope to expand this to other locations.