Our Charity

jennifer-photoClowns in the Sky was set up in memory of the three year old daughter, Jennifer, of Lynn Weston and Richard Chambers. She died on 21 April 2004 after a nine month battle against a brain tumour. Jennifer always found a sense of fun in each day of treatment and it is the sense of fun that we hope to capture and promote with the charity Clowns in the Sky.

We sponsor children’s entertainers on a monthly basis to visit children’s wards. These entertainers help to bring laughter and distraction to both the children and their parents. This has been hugely successful and we have had 100% positive feedback from the play therapists and staff.




We also provide portable activity and sensory trolleys to many hospitals, these can be enjoyed at any time, and take the playroom to the child, providing a range of activities and distractions. These trolleys are designed to offer stimulation and fun activities during the times that playrooms may not be open, evenings and weekends, and also if a child is too poorly to leave their bed. Out sites cover Newcastle furthest North to the Isle of Wight furthest South. Originally funded through the Big Lottery Fund which completed in December 2012 these trolleys are now supported by the charity’s funds.

We also give financial support to families who find that the everyday living cost of having a child going through the brain tumour treatment plan becomes too much at times. Our website (www.clownsinthesky.org) is open for any requests and we hope that the small things we can offer make the bigger things easier to cope with. We aim to bring a smile to the face of any child who is suffering this awful condition.

Research too is something we support – we make an annual donation to Brain Tumour Research, Registered Charity No. 1153487.