Thirteen Years

by Emma Matheson

Thirteen years have past
And boy the world has grown.
If you were here you smile big
And never would you moan.
Your strength for such a little person
Was inspirational, by all accounts.
All the memories that you missed
Made some for others, that really counts.

And even though I’d like to see
You crashing happily through the sea
I know that now you’re in the sky
And that I mustn’t question why.
You were needed for greater things
Like the happiness a clown brings.
You loved the laughter of a clown
And how he didn’t ever frown.
I try to spread that love each day
And smile and laugh the day away.
I learnt always to put a smile on my face,
And bring loud laughter about the place.
To laugh always and think positively
About those times you were with me.
Now sitting there upon your cloud
I’m hoping that we make you proud!

21st  April 2017


Jennifer's BeachClowns in the Sky
“Are there clowns in the sky?” said a little girl to me,
“Of course,” I replied, “where else would they be?”
“In the circus,” she said “you cheeky monkey!”
“Then I said” aah you are wise, but also there are
Clowns in skies”

One day you’ll discover the secret of the clown and go
To your friend “guess what I’ve found!”
The secret of the clown is it can be,
In the circus, the sky or even the sea!



By: Emma Matheson aged 14
30th April 2004

Clowns In The SkyEmma wrote this poem on the day of Jennifer’s service, one of Jennifer’s little sayings when she thought someone was teasing her would be “you Cheeky monkey”. At the time of writing this Emma was not aware that Jennifer’s ashes were to be taken to her favorite beach and “given” to the sea, so the last line has extra special meaning for family, because they do believe that wherever there are Clowns there also will be children including their beautiful little princess. We are also very appreciative of Emma as she was the person behind the design of our Clowns In The Sky logo, thank you Emma.